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About Us

We work with high functioning 16+ teens, adults of all ages, men and women, who may be experiencing ASD, LD, or ADHD/Executive Function, and psychosocial/psychiatric issues.

Kevin Reinhardt, Psychologist, our Clinical Director, has spent 27 years working in post-secondary as a professor, assessor, learning strategist, assistive technologist, and counselor. He has been engaged in private practice as a Psychologist providing diagnosis and treatment for many years and has a particular interest in the diagnosis of Autism (Asperger’s) and issues that co-occur with Autism, as it appears in high functioning older teens, women, and adults of all ages.

He regularly presents both nationally and internationally on issues related to disability and adults.

He is registered as a Psychologist in Ontario.

Our Psychometrists are engaged in the study of psychology and studying/working toward their registration in Psychology. Both bring specific multifaceted perspectives to the practice, in current studies in psychology, aware of the social and technical world confronting individuals today, and experienced with ADHD, LD, and ASD in post-secondary education and employment.

Our Learning Strategist and Assistive technologist working with us is a highly talented and respected individual with many years of experience in coaching adults and helping them to cope with learning and organizational challenges.

We are affiliated with Integrated Autism Consulting in Barrie. IAC’s Patricia O’Connor is an educator with over 40 years of experience, and over 25 years providing ASD specific workshops and services. Some of her programs include Transition to Life and Imagine a Life. For mentoring, coaching, workshops and more, Patricia can be contacted at

We at have a strong focus on High Functioning ASD adults in need of assessments, diagnosis or recommendations, as well as ADHD and LD.

As a result of our experience and training:

We have an understanding of student’s needs, accommodations, assistive services, and transitions.

In the workplace, we understand employment related issues.

Couples/families dealing with dysfunction,

females questioning diagnosis or function

Individuals facing issues related to changes regarding work and/or retirement

All such persons can benefit from good assessment, then diagnosis, and then appropriate treatment.

We are open to working with individuals face-to-face for assessment, and consulting, counselling or assessment via online services.