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We provide psychological, psycho-educational, psycho-vocational assessments and diagnosis for older teens, young adults, and older adults. Our assessments are comprehensive, and can also be specified to focus on particular issues, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Executive Function/ADHD, or Depression, Anxiety, Vocational, and Psycho-social issues.


We can provide counselling for previously diagnosed/assessed conditions. Our areas of focus in counselling are  disabilities, depression, ASD(Asperger’s), ADHD/Executive Function, anxiety, and social skills.


We also provide group sessions in social skills training/counselling using the PEERS for Teens and PEERS for Young Adults programs to assist those requiring communication/social interaction assistance.


We have a Learning Strategist and Assistive Technologist on call who is available to provide coaching support to individuals requiring executive functioning/ADHD assistance in academics or in personal life.


Not sure what you need? Schedule a consultation with us and we might be able to help you find the service or assessment that works for you.